Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines

Cozy blankets. Engrossing movies. Card games. Socks. Rich, red wines. Crowd-pleasing red wines are not too complex, like watching Friends reruns. They are comfortable, yet sometimes surprising, and you don’t have to think very hard or focus on the wine to enjoy it. Here is a selection of pleasing, comforting wines that pair just as well with great conversation at a party or at home with an episode of Friends, a piano concerto or Bluegrass, Steak au poivre or pot roast. Fancy or not fancy. Here’s a round-up of wines to try this winter…

Crowd-Pleasing​ Red Wines

ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon- Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines

ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon tastes expensive but it’s affordable (also the company has a mission to make a social impact, and donates significantly to non-profits through their foundation)

7 Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines - Northside merlot

Northstar Merlot is as smooth and mellow as Bruno Mars’ voice

Z alexander brown uncaged Cabernet Sauvignon - 7 Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines

Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged Cabernet Sauvignon is like a pair of jeans that fit just right

7 Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines -

Delas Côtes-du-Rhône is a rustic red with the finesse of a super high-end Cab

Conn creek anthology - 7 Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines

Anthology is a fancy wine for fancy burgers (with a fancy price point)

7 Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines

Cold Creek Cab is refined enough for an elegant dinner party but is equally acceptable to serve for a casual evening at home.

seven falls cellars cab - 7 Crowd-pleasing​ Red Wines

Seven Falls Cellars is like the like the golden retriever of wines – everyone is going to love it.

Francis coppola Paso Robles cab

Francis Coppola Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon • Francis Coppola x Paso Robles? Here for it. Paso Robles is a hotter climate, the grapes are fuller and fruitier than other regions. Because it’s close to the ocean, there is a big shift in daytime heat and nighttime cool that gives the grapes distinct characteristics. Aged in French Oak, this is a fancy wine for the $21 price tag. Tastes like almond, vanilla, coffee, and blackberry creme brûlée (but not in a sweet way!) Serve with a bacon-wrapped filet for a dinner party or a rich beef stew for a night in 🍷

What should you serve with red wine?

Wine Enthusiast notes,”The old adage, “what grows together, goes together” holds true as well. For example, traditional tomato sauce Italian dishes pair well with the high-acid red wines of Chianti. In general, a region’s wine will pair well with the food and lifestyle of the area.”
read Wine Enthusiast’s Red Wine Information & Basics

Smooth red wines love rich flavors, which is why you’ve always heard red wine goes with steak. You probably don’t want to serve steaks for a casual get together with friends (but if you do, hooray for your budget!). Instead, try something meaty and rich like crockpot French dip sliders or a wintery chili bar.  If you’re trying to be a fancy foodie, try flatbreads with herbed cheese or keep it super simple and just order pizza. Easy-drinking red wines + pizza is a winner, everytime. Also, when in doubt, fill a bowl with crunchy cheese straws with a bit of heat. The less fancy, but equally popular cousin works, too (and you probably have them on hand!) … goldfish.

Who should you invite?

Winter is the perfect season for staying in with great wine with your best friends. We’ve rounded up a few crowd-pleasing red wines you can serve for an unfussy party. Invite people who do not care if you’re wearing socks, a long t-shirt, and your matty m leggings.

Music to play

Have you checked out the HomePod? Just ask Siri to play music for a party. She plays excellent music based on random suggestions like, “Hey Siri! Play wake up muisc,” and “Hey Siri! Play a chill playlist.” Or, just throw on an Imagine Dragons playlist to set a trendy (yet crowd-pleasing) vibe to go with your fantastic selection of red wine.

what to wear

Julie Vos hoops match anything from a cocktail dress to leggings and a slouchy sweater. Dress up your loungewear for a winter wine night with a pretty pair of earrings. Also: awesome socks.

Cheers! Talk to us: what’s your go-to red wine?

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