A red wine for fancy burgers

Give it a swirl: Conn Creek Winery's Anthology
Conn creek anthology - best wine for burgers

Conn Creek Anthology is a blend of Cabernets from 14 different vineyards. 14! That’s like mixing houndstooth with zebra print, wide stripes, a bold floral, ikat, herringbone, ombré, chinoiserie, monochrome cheetah pattern, tiny polka dots, botanicals, solid, Greek Key, and buffalo check. Only a seasoned designer with impeccable taste could blend all of those patterns and pull it off. Anthology is the best wine for burgers.

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Wine Pairings

eat Keep your wine night in fancy casual with a sumptuous gourmet burger with fancy toppings like caramelized onions and Gorgonzola cheese 🍴 Aged for 19 months in 100% new French oak (fancy!) gives this wine a smooth, silky finish. The dark fruits and hint of tobacco pair perfectly with a grilled burger. You don’t always need to save the fine wine for steaks!

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Give it a swirl

Conn Creek Winery’s Anthology is a masterful blend of mostly Cabernet Sauvignon spiced up with Cab Franc and Petit Verdot.

Great. So what does that mean? Like a spice rack, different grapes can be used to blend a wine – something my husband and I learned at the Barrel Blending Experience at Conn Creek Winery a few years ago in Napa Valley. We blended our own bespoke bottles from the same grapes used in this wine.

Anthology’s smooth blend is like a classy houndstooth skirt – it compliments almost anything but can be bold on its own. (But mostly, fashionistas love houndstooth + red.)

You’ll pay More than $50. The kind of expertise and experimenting to perfect a masterpiece wine like Anthology does come with a price tag… so best to reserve it for a special occasion, unless your budget for everyday wines exceeds $50.

Anthology will also cellar well – meaning you can keep it around in a pretty wine rack for at least a decade.

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