This red wine loves sharp cheddar (and wit)

seven falls cellars cab

wine night in

This is a red wine that loves sharp cheddar. Seven Falls Cab is a wine to keep stocked in your wine rack for a random night catching up on Saturday Night Live (because why watch live when you can stream at a reasonable hour?) and a people-pleaser for parties. It’s like the golden retriever of wines – everyone is going to love it. Or, if you’re not in the mood to be social, it’s the perfect bottle to open on a lazy wine + tv date night (those are the best.) contains affiliate links

Music to play

This weekend, say cheers with Seven Falls Cab and the New Orleans Jazz and Dixieland Essentials playlist from iTunes over your Sonos Speakers.

Book to read

Have you ever read a book and thought, “holy smokes, I know nothing?” This is the one for me. Notorious RBG is a comprehensive biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who pretty much single-handedly ensured women have the same legal rights as men. All of the issues on the forefront today like #metoo are the next phase of the women’s movement, because she handled the legal structure for us. I’m going to send her a thank you note. Ya’ll should read it and do the same.

Series to binge

Have you watched Barry on HBO? It’s an action comedy, featuring a reluctant assassin played by the funny and likeable Bill Hader. The dialogue is witty, so be prepared to binge-watch this smart new series.

Cheese to eat

Collier’s Welsh cheddar cheese is sharp and amazing, and really cozies up to the Seven Falls Cab.

Give it a Swirl

This is a great wine to keep stocked in the wine rack for friends or the lazy wine + TV night in

You’ll pay $19.99 at Lowes Foods

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