A Cozy Cab for your Hygge

Have you heard of Hygge? It seems to be the word of winter, and the New Yorker, Cup of Jo, and HBO’s Vice News have been producing stories attempting to explain this vague Dutch concept of cozy, which as far as I can tell involves wine and socks.

I love wine and wear socks daily.

I get the Hygge, and have the perfect wine for it…

Like the Minted wrapping paper featured in the background of the photo at the top, the Cold Creek Vineyard Cab is floral, elegant and approachable.

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Cast off your work attire and replace with your favorite after 5 loungewear, open up this bottle, sink into your sofa, throw on a blanket, and watch the latest episode of Westworld to get your hygge on.

Is this wine a little too fancy to sip on the sofa streaming HBO?


But, let me make a quick point: isn’t the best time to enjoy wine in your most comfortable place?

A pair of pants you can wear to work or to a work out: they exist.

My sister-in-law made the intriguing statement, “these pants will change your life,” when I opened her Christmas gift. She said it with such confidence, I immediately needed to try them on to test her hypothesis.

Her statement was accurate.

Every evening, I replace my work attire with Betabrand dressy yoga pants the second I get home, which feels more acceptable than pajamas at 6pm. These pants are life-changing. I’ve worn them to work, to a cocktail New Year’s Eve party, and every night sitting on the sofa.

Like these pants, the Cold Creek Cab is refined enough for an elegant dinner party but is equally acceptable to serve for a casual evening at home.

Give it a Swirl

You’ll pay less than $30

Pair it Hyggelig dishes with deep, earthy flavors like a mushroom risotto, braised short ribs, or grilled pork chops will cozy up to this comfortable wine. Mmmm. Comfort food.

Get it delivered Wine.com will deliver the Chateau Ste. Michelle Cold Creek Vineyard Cab to your doorstep, and new customers get a deal!


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