Fresh Market Finds

Foodies will love these fancy finds for easy appetizers and dinners

I love Fresh Market. The classical music, pretty displays, the pre-made section with soups, the fancy bakery. I had a few recent discoveries at The Fresh Market that I am so enthusiastic about, I felt compelled to share on the internet.

Fresh Market Finds
  1. Frozen Cocktail Shrimp (Fresh Market brand). I have been buying Fresh Market’s unfrozen cocktail shrimp because it is the best grocery store cocktail shrimp. It’s not too fishy, it’s light, and is peeled. YOU CAN BUY IT FROZEN, y’all: no need to buy the thawed out version at the seafood counter. Keep it in your freezer, thaw it out when you’re in the mood.
  2. Bold Cocktail Sauce. If you like enough horseradish to make the end of your nose tingle and your eyes water, you’ll love this cocktail sauce. No need to add extra horseradish.
  3. Lemon Hummus. I had this at a lunch party and OMG. It’s heavenly. The perfect creamy, tangy, lemon-y snack for lunch or wine time. (Pair it with a California Sauvignon Blanc for the happiest hour.)
  4. Panini Bread. This crusty bread is the best for toasting and to make cheesy mushroom toast. YUMMM.

The Fresh Market Little Big Meals

If you’ve not yet discovered the Little Big Meals, you’re going to be floored. Each week, you can pick up a simple meal for about $25. Think fajitas, stir fry, lasagna. You have to put forth a little bit of effort – say, sauté veggies – but it’s usually minimal. And it’s an entire meal you don’t have to plan.

Looking for wine recommendations? Here are some crowd pleasers: Decoy Chardonnay, a light Sauvignon Blanc, and a cozy Cabernet for dinner.

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