Elegant Josh Cellars Rosè and Roses

Josh Cellars Rosè and Roses

Looking for a no-frills but still kinda fancy way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Pair roses with this elegant Josh Cellars Rosè. Invite one of your smart girlfriends over. Serve cream cheese with pepper jelly and crackers (yum.) Chat about everything from the perfect pink shade of lipgloss for spring (it’s this) to the next book you plan to read.

Let’s talk about roses. When I lived in Atlanta, my job involved planning elaborate corporate events on a minuscule budget. I discovered a wholesale flower company that sold to all of the florists and event planners. All of the flowers were affordable. The florists taught me how to arrange them to create gorgeous centerpieces on my pitiful budget.

One tip the florists taught me was a monochrome centerpiece in a small vase with just one type of flower makes a unexpected chic statement. It’s tasteful and elegant.

Also, for roses, you can use a hairdryer to open them up.

Costco has top-notch flowers at wholesale prices. The pre-selected stems are all high quality, like you’d expect from a florist, without the pricetag. I used one bunch for this centerpiece, and a larger one for a friend.

Give Josh Cellars Rosè a Swirl

You’ll pay less than $15

Pair it with goat cheese, spring salads, and sushi. Think light and not sweet, with notes of citrus and strawberry. This is a rosè that will compliment tangy salads tossed in a vinaigrette with shrimp or salmon on top. It’s just as easily a great starter wine to serve with a goat cheese appetizer. Either way, it pairs best with a cool friend and a pretty spring dress.

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