6 rosés to drink in a sundress

Cheers to rosé season!!!! Wear your favorite flattering wide-leg linen pants, put on a pretty pair of sandals, and head outside to drink a glass of rosé in a cool unbreakable stemless wine glass. Here are our top rosés for the boat, for a party, to open with a BFF, for an elegant dinner party, and for the random Tuesday.

1 | Get the party started: Erath Rosé

  • Tastes like roses, melon, and apples
  • Pair it with an afternoon party and cool sunglasses. Serve anything tangy from barbecue (which we served at a palm beach chic party last year) to Chinese food. This wine is crisp and mild and will pretty much pair with any food.
  • You’ll pay about $19
  • Give it a swirl Wine.com will deliver the Erath Rosé to your doorstep

2 | For the cooler: Joe to Go Rosé

  • Tastes like fresh air and a good time. Also Honeycrisp apples.
  • Pair it with a Yeti cooler and a boat. Wine in a can means a good time with good friends, so throw your favorite visor over your unwashed hair, slip on your Rainbows, and spend the day on the water not caring about the unimportant, mundane chores you have waiting for you at home. Serve with fried chicken and Southern potato salad.
  • You’ll pay $7
  • Read more Joe to Go in a can

3 | Open with your BFF: Josh Cellars Rosé

Josh rosè
  • Tastes like citrus and strawberries. 
  • Pair roses with this elegant Josh Cellars rosè, invite one of your smart girlfriends over, serve cream cheese with pepper jelly and crackers (yum) and chat about everything from the perfect pink shade of lipgloss for spring (it’s this) to the next book you plan to read. Serve with goat cheese, spring salads, pretty statement earrings, and sushi. This is a rosè that will compliment tangy salads tossed in a vinaigrette with shrimp or salmon on top, or be a great starter wine to serve with a goat cheese appetizer. Either way, it pairs best with a cool friend and a pretty spring dress.
  • You’ll pay $10.99
  • Give it a swirl Get the real tasting notes on Wine.com

4 | For the back porch: Smoke Tree Rosé

  • Tastes like the tropics and apricots.
  • Pair it with a Lilly Pulitzer or seersucker sundress.  Best served chilled, the smooth, easy-drinking rosè does not have a whole lot going on – and that’s a good thing. It’s an Every Wine, the kind you can serve fussy self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs next to friends that refer to rosè as “pink wine” and please everyone.
  • You’ll pay $19.99
  • Give it a swirl Learn more about Smoke Tree Rosé on Wine.com

Sparkling wines

a quick video to watch to learn more about choosing a bottle of wine 🥂

5| Pink Bubbles: Chandon Brut Rose

This is our go-to sparkling, which is popular in restaurants (and you can order a split! which is just a little more than a glass, the perfect starter.)

  • Tastes like heaven. Also watermelons and strawberries surrounded by a million bubbles. (specifically, this many bubbles are in a bottle of sparkling.)
  • Pair it with sushi, fried chicken, or air. Basically, you can serve this sparkling with anything. (Fried chicken loves sparkling.) Chandon is like the Draper James of wine: effervescent, preppy and happy. Wear stripes and say cheers. 🥂
  • You’ll pay $22.99
  • Give it a swirl Chandon Brut Rose is available from Wine.com

6 | An elegant sparkling: J Brut Rosé

  • Tastes like strawberries, blood orange, and red apples.
  • Pair it with a salad loaded with goat cheese and sliced strawberries. J’s elegant wines are like delicate jewelry you’d wear to a fancy cocktail party – not an everyday sparkling, but one to open on special occasions. If you’re headed to Napa or Sonoma, J Vineyards is a gorgeous winery with one of the coolest food and wine tasting experiences, the Bubble Room.
  • You’ll pay It’s a little pricey at $41.99!
  • Give it a swirl Learn more about J Brut Rosé on Wine.com

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