Do or Don’t: Canned Wine

Why Joe to Go Rosé in a can is the most awesome thing to happen to spring & summer
“I detect invigorating red fruits on the nose”

My headline is a pretty bold claim, I know. Am I qualified for such a sweeping declaration about Joe to Go rosé in a can? Let’s chat about my expertise in wine for a second. Wine snobs would probably give me a C. (And the world is run by C students, according to C students, so I’m fine with this accreditation.) I have no credentials, but I’ve been immersed in wine nerdiness thanks to my dear husband who sells wine. This means I drink a lot of wine, read about wine, watch wine documentaries, go to wine dinners, and have been blessed to visit a lot of California wineries.

I would not label myself a “wine snob.”

However. I do not drink terrible wine.

Therefore, I feel like I am credentialed enough to claim canned wine is fantastic.

I was skeptical. I popped the top like I was opening a crappy beer, which is a whole lot easier than uncorking a bottle of wine.

What is this going to taste like? Will it be sweet? Taste like metal? There is something distinctly un-wine-like about wine in a can, right?

taste test

Joe to go rose wine

The wine looks like rosé, smells like rosé, and I’ll be damned if the rosé actually tastes like a great bottle of rosé.

Light, drinkable, with a hint of honey crisp apples, a little bit dryer than I expected, and a lot awesome. Keep it in a cooler. No wine opener needed.

Where to drink rosè in a can

  • Pack it on a cooler to drink while you’re on a boat.
  • Joe to Go rosé is a wine to drink out of an unbreakable symglass wine glass on a picnic.
  • Drink it one-handed while playing ladder toss or cornhole.
  • Perfect for a tailgate with chips and dips and fried chicken.
  • Such a cool wine to serve for a casual afternoon party.
  • Or the pool, if you don’t live at the beach.

The wine is fantastic, and can be easily toted in a cooler on a boat or to the beach or to a tailgate – just like crappy beer! Yes way, rosé. This canned wine deserves a spot in the cooler. Spring and summer, we’re ready for you.

Rosé fans, pop a can. You’ll love this wine.

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