Cheap (but classy!) Palm Beach Chic Party Decorations from Amazon Prime

Palm beach chic party decorations

Banana Leaf + Pink + Black and White Stripes

It’s a palm beach chic party theme, ya’ll! AND steel drum roll, please… all of the banana leaf, pink and black and white stripes are from Amazon Prime, and you’ll be shocked at the prices. Palm beach chic party decorations are just a click away…

Palm Beach Chic Party Decorations (from Amazon!)

Banana Leaf Table Runner, Napkins & Tablecloths

The banana leaf table runner and matching banana leaf napkins are fantastic for adding a layer of color on tables for drinks and food… these are not fine linens, but the design is bright and pretty. Available in a lot of sizes from napkins to full-size tableclothes.

Black and White Paper Straws

Fun straws are an affordable way to add pattern to a bar setup. Striped straws are available in a million different colors (ok… more like 10).

Paper Placemats

Pretty paper placemats make clean-up so easy!

Flamingo Pink Placemats

These were the surprising winner: a nice, classic thick ribbed solid placemat – and available in a lot of colors! These are an old-school placemat that will never go out of style, and we have them sitting out on our table for everyday use. Great for layering!

Drink Umbrellas

Life is a party. You need drink umbrellas on hand.

Banana Leaf Bar Set Up

The Rosè our guests couldn’t stop drinking


We served the Erath rosè at a party we had a few weeks ago – and our guests plowed through it! Everyone ignored the Chardonnay and not one person had the red – this rosè was the star of the party. And no wonder: it’s light and refreshing, and pairs with everything from barbecue (which we served) to chinese food. We are keeping it stocked in the wine fridge for the summer. (Well, that’s the plan… but it keeps disappearing!)


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