Mimosa + Toast Bar Brunch

simple, stress-free (but still elegant!) brunch party menu

Here’s a fun idea for a party: a Toast Bar Brunch. Invite a few close friends, and keep the menu simple with mimosas and toast… 

Mimosa Bar

A pretty mimosa bar stocked with fruits and juices (cranberry, orange, pineapple) has the wow factor for a New Year’s Day brunch. Curious about what kind of sparkling to serve? Good news: when you’re blending with orange juice, a cheaper sparkling is just fine. Keep Chandon Rosè (the limited edition Baublebar version is spectacular for a bar!!) or Mumm Napa out for the guests who want to skip on OJ, but pouring a lesser expensive Prosecco or other sparkling white wine is just fine for a mimosa. 

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Fancy Toast Bar

Keep brunch simple with a toast bar. Your guests will love it, and you’ll love the minimal prep. Spread out toasted breads (white, wheat, English muffins, bagels… whatever) to serve as the base. Then fill bowls with toppings like eggs, bacon bits, avocado slices, cream cheese, scallions, smoked salmon, jelly, butter, brie, thin apple slices, cucumber slices, prosciutto, sausage crumbles, shredded cheese, hard boiled egg slices, chopped red onion, capers, black-eyed pea hummus, chopped kale, collard greens, pickled onions… drool. It’s simple, pretty, fun & delicious! 

And there you have it: a brunch party menu that’s elegant and simple, so you can focus on saying “cheers!” with your guests instead of slaving over the stove. 

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