Everything you need for planning an oyster roast

What could be more fun than standing around a table, shoving a knife into a stubborn steamed mollusc, and prying out a slimy oyster? In the south, not a shucking thing. Oyster roasts are the king of the party. Friends gathered around a table, drinking beer / wine / cocktails while opening up oysters opens up a different kind of conversation. 

A good oyster roast will have the essentials, and an expert southern party planner will lay out all of the appropriate supplies to make it a shucking good time.

If you don’t have a friend who knows how to shuck, perhaps YOU could be the friend who throws the party. 

Are you ready for more shuck jokes? Let’s go.

Everything you need to throw an oyster roast like a mother shucker

oyster shucker knives

1. Bring the oyster knives to shuck it

you can’t pry open an oyster without a handy oyster shucker knife. Also, little hand towels or washcloths are great for the mess.

2. Put rolls of paper towels out

Rolls of paper towels are also handy on the tables.

3. Don’t forget buckets for the shells!

You need a place to throw the shells away.

4. Serve Shucking Great Sides

saltines + great cocktail sauce + horseradish (for those who like the kind of spice to tingle your nose hairs) + lemon wedges are the essentials for an oyster roast.

5. Steam the oysters

The New York Times article “Seeking Oyster Perfection? Steam them”  instructs boiling water, placing the oysters on a tray, and waiting a 3 – 5 minutes until the oysters open. Sounds simple enough.

6. Serve this wine

Oysters and rosè go together like millennial pink and charcoal. Sparkling and a light Pinot Noir are also excellent choices to serve with oysters. 

Want another fun and easy party idea? Host a toast bar brunch with mimosas. 

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