12 ways to celebrate Watermelon Day with your kids

Happy Watermelon Day!

August 3 is officially Watermelon Day. In other words, it’s time to throw a theme party! I hope you enjoy these fun ideas to celebrate Watermelon Day with your family.

Ideas to celebrate watermelon day with kids

Edible Arrangements sent me this Kiwi & Watermelon arrangement as a reminder of the official Watermelon Day. thanks for the amazing fruit, Edible A.!

First, let’s start out with melon facts to wow your family.

Watermelon Trivia

  • How old is the watermelon? According to The National Geographic article ‘The 5,000-Year Secret History of the Watermelon,’ watermelon seeds were found 5,000 years ago in Pharaohs tombs, including King Tut’s!
  • What is the heaviest watermelon ever recorded? Chris Kent grew a 350.5 pound watermelon in Tennessee in 2013. This holds the current heaviest watermelon in the Guinness Book of World Records!
  • Is the watermelon a fruit or vegetable? Botanically, it’s a fruit. On the other hand, it’s a member of the gourd family which is a vegetable. So what is it!? The watermelon can be considered a fruit or a vegetable, according to Watermelon.org.

Ideas for a Watermelon Day Celebration

  1. Try a watermelon science experiment using baking soda, vinegar and a watermelon.
  2. Kids will love watermelons on a stick!
  3. Set up a watermelon roll race for kids because everyone loves a goofy race!
  4. Print off a free watermelon coloring page for an art activity.
  5. An after-dark watermelon scavenger hunt sounds like fun!
  6. Set up a watermelon carving contest. This Watermelon Carving Pinterest board has plenty of ideas!!!
  7. Scoop perfectly round watermelon balls with a melon baller. (So baller!! 😂)
  8. Make a watermelon slush, yum!
  9. Paint your nails with Essie nail polish in watermelon!
  10. Paint this pretty watercolor watermelon.
  11. Or, go to the extreme and paint a room (or your front door!) with Benjamin Moore watermelon red paint color.
  12. Work out with watermelons! Rockstar Jump with Jill (who rocks about health) has two Watermelon Workout videos.

Above all, have fun on Watermelon Day 🍉

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