The wine to drink with smoked salmon

The wine to drink with smoked salmon

Hey, friends! This post is for all you smoked salmon fans. If you asked me “what wine should I drink with ______” the safest answer is going to be sparkling wine. Veggie pizza? Grilled steak? 13 layer caramel cake? Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon? Slow roasted hot wings? It doesn’t matter how you fill in the blank, the answer will remain the same: Sparkling wine. Sparkling wine. Sparkling Wine. Sparkling wine every. Single. Time. Because sparkling wine pairs with anything and everything, in my opinion. And not just my opinion… the professionals agree. Evidence: Food & Wine, “Why Sparkling Rosé Pairs with Everything.” So the wine to drink with smoked salmon is the Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé.

Brut Rosé is the wine to drink with smoked salmon

The Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé tastes like berries, is smooth and not too sweet, and is a favorite to pair with 4pm and a chill playlist.

In quarantine, I’m having to make the things I’d most like to order at a restaurant and honestly it’s been kind of fun to get funky in the kitchen. (Note: not everything has been a winning dish.)

Here is a winning combination: smoked salmon and brut rosé.

Brunch? Lunch? Happy Hour? Really, it doesn’t matter. Smoked salmon with cream cheese and diced red onion and capers is the best fancy breakfast … Or, a blini version is a more happy hour appropriate version. (Although, this also makes a fantastic brunch.)

Gloria Ferrer wine club sent recipe recommendations along with the wines. Caviar and blinis was one such suggestion. Obviously. Champagne and caviar? That’s the life we all aspire to, right? So a knocked-down version with less expensive ingredients: Smoked salmon which isn’t $80 for a tiny jar.

The wine to drink with smoked salmon
Smoked salmon with dill dip and blinis (recipe)

Smoked Salmon appetizers to try

The Gloria Ferrer terrace is probably one of the most spectacular places you could ever enjoy a glass of wine. (Check out our Gloria Ferrer photo album of our visit.)

Where to buy Gloria Ferrer: You just can’t go wrong with Gloria Ferrer sparkling wines, available at most grocery stores. Or order online. We’re a part of the Gloria Ferrer wine club and it is AWESOME. Wine clubs are such a fun way to order wine. We split it with friends and share the shipments – but it’s also an excuse to get together with them and drink wine!

Crank up a great playlist

We’ve loved our Sonos speakers for years. It’s like surround sound without hiring an electrician – and the ones we’ve enjoyed forever are on sale and pretty affordable. Check out the Sonos at Costco.

Bonus: smoked salmon makes an excellent breakfast the morning after 🥂

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