7 Wines for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day Wine List ❤️
Wines to drink on Valentine’s Day

Wine and chocolate, could there be a better holiday!? Here are wines for Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating romance with a filet mignon or splitting a box of chocolates with your Galentine.

Wines for Valentine’s Day: Fancy & Affordable

Bubbly + chocolate (and anything else)

Sparkling wine is ALWAYS the best choice! Why? Because sparkling wine pairs with everything from a steak to chocolate, so no matter what romantic meal you have planned, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling wine.

Fancy fancy: Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut is a Champagne rated 91 points with Wine Spectator and is around $50.

Affordable fancy: Mumm Napa and Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut are both excellent sparkling California wines, around $20.

Red Blends + Steak

Just like your love has many layers, so do these red blends.

Fancy fancy: Rodney Strong Symmetry is one of our go-to celebration red wines. Wine Enthusiast rates it a 90. It’s about $60 in a store, and about $90 on a restaurant wine list.

Affordable fancy: You can pick up a bottle of the smooth Z. Alexander Uncaged Red for about $16.

Charcuterie + Cab

Boho Boards in Myrtle Beach creates the coolest charcuterie boards! Perfect for your valentine ❤️

If you’re in the mood for a Cabernet Sauvignon, here’s a few to add to your list:

Fancy Fancy Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis is an elegant Cab with smoky flavors mingled with blackberries. It’s about $70 if you pick up at a wine shop, and probably around $100 on a wine list at restaurant.

Affordable Fancy Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon tastes like a high-end Cab but is less than $20.

Cheers, Valentine’s! 🥂

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