3 reasons to drink sparkling wine (don’t wait for a special occasion!)

Sparkling wine is like glitter ✨

So many people reserve sparkling wine for extreme special occasions like weddings and New Year’s Eve. Why not add a little sparkle to your life on normal occasions, like a Friday wine night in with your husband? Or a girls night gathering with bowl of potato chips? Sparkling wine is like glitter: it just makes everything more fun. Keep it in your wine rack (or fridge) so you always have a bottle to pop. Here’s why…

1. You can drink sparkling wine with anything

Sparkling wine compliments everything from dessert (if you choose to eat it first or last) to a hearty steak. Or a salad, creamy soup, seafood dish, tangy Asian, spicy Mexican, or a turkey sandwich on crusty bread. Pretty versatile, right?

2. It’s not expensive

You can get an excellent bottle of sparkling for $15-20, and you can also get splits if you want just one glass. 

3. It adds sparkle to a bland night  

If you are lucky enough to visit the winery in Sonoma Valley, Gloria Ferrer serves this with a smattering of pick-up snacks like olives, almonds and goat cheese, which you could just as easily make at home and serve with a movie.

Try these sparkling wines

You can’t go wrong with the Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut or Chandon Brut Rosé as your sparkling wines of choice. Both are affordable (!) and not too sweet. The Sonoma Brut is a great dry, clean sparkling with hints of green apple and lemon that make it a crowd pleaser and easy-drinking glass of bubbly. You can pick them up at your local grocery stores or Costco!

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