Easy Mezze Plate

Mediterranean appetizers all on a plate, inspired by Daou Vineyards
Easy Mezze Plate

Lunchtime’s biggest downfall is making something you don’t actually want to eat and deciding to order takeout instead. Enter an easy mezze plate: Mediterranean appetizers all on a plate.

Daou Vineyards Mezze Plate
Daou Vineyards mezze plate

An unbeatable experience we had in Paso Robles at Daou Vineyard inspired this lunch. While a mezze plate is best enjoyed outdoors, under umbrellas, with fancy wine being poured overlooking a gorgeous mountain… you can recreate this smorgasbord of Greek dips at home for a delicious lunch.

Mezze Plate Ingredient Ideas

This one includes:

  • sliced English cucumbers with smoked salmon, dill, plain Greek yogurt and a squeeze of lemon on top.
  • Olive mix from the grocery store.
  • Sliced Campari tomatoes with salt and pepper.
  • Hummus and mini Naan.
  • And the best part of the whole plate: a feisty feta dip.
  • You can also add more Greek dips from the grocery store (or make yourself!) like tzatziki sauce, pesto, Green Goddess dip, more veggies like sliced peppers and marinated red onions. Toss in leftovers. It’s really all about the dips!

Scoop the hummus on the tomatoes. Dip the naan into the feta dip. Add a crunchy cucumber to every bite. Basically, it all goes together and is delicious.

Most of this is easy to have in the fridge already prepared – the feta dip takes about 5 minutes to make, and lasts a few days in the fridge. Assemble it all and you’ll be excited for your lunch, and won’t be tempted with takeout!

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