Moon Drop Grapes

Crazy shaped grapes for a gorgeous charcuterie board
Moon Drop Grapes

Have you seen these crazy grapes? The first time I saw them on a charcuterie platter, I thought they were olives! Moon Drop grapes are available late August through November and grown by The Grapery in San Joaquin Valley in Southern California. Crispy and sweet, but not too sweet, these cool grapes are perfect for a fall party.

Moon drop grapes look so pretty sitting on a wooden charcuterie board – just add a few cheeses, nuts, and crackers for a super simple spread. Having a party? Serve Decoy Chardonnay, Zac Brown Band’s Sauvignon Blanc, or a crowd-pleasing red wines (under $20 at Target!)

You can find at Aldi or The Fresh Market in Myrtle Beach, or use their grape finder map to find the grapes in your state.

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