Garden & Gun’s Perfect BLT Sandwich

It is, in fact, the perfect BLT

A PERFECT BLT, Garden & Gun? That’s a bold claim. Garden & Gun published an article with the recipe for the perfect BLT by two North Carolina restauranteurs. For Garden & Gun to claim a recipe is “perfect,” especially a staple like a BLT, had me intrigued. I HAD to try it. Does it live up to the headline? I made it, step by step, and can confirm: this is the perfect BLT sandwich.

Here’s what makes it different: basil mayo + olive oil with a hint of garlic on the toast.

Good bread is essential for a great sandwich. A crusty Italian is always a great choice – Fresh Market has the best fresh-baked bread selection for sandwiches.

Garden & Gun’s Perfect BLT

First, cook the bacon in the oven. Then, mix up the basil mayo. When the bacon is ready, pop the bread (Fresh Market Italian Loaf is what I used!) and toast it until it’s nearly charred. Then, spread a little olive oil on one side and rub a peeled garlic clove on it. WHAT? What is this magic?? It gave just a hint of garlic … and then… the basil mayo and the bacon, perfectly ripe tomato, lettuce, and toast mixes together for the perfect BLT.


Check out the Perfect BLT Sandwich recipe on Garden & Gun.

A wine to try with a BLT: Sparkling wine goes with everything, especially bacon 🥓 or the Decoy Chardonnay’s mellow flavors would compliment the savory bacon, basil, tomato, bread combo 🥂 I’m not sure I’d open a red wine, but if you’re in the mood, the easy-drinking smooth Canvasback is a red wine that I’d pair with nearly anything!

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