How to pick wine in the grocery store

A super simple way to find a new wine to try

You’re standing in the wine aisle, paralyzed. Which wine should you buy? You probably have your go-to favorites. However, what if you want to try something new? There is so much mystery about wine, but don’t let it be overwhelming. Here is a super simple way to find a new wine to try, plus tips to buy wine you’ll love from Target, the grocery store, or your favorite wine shop.

How to buy wine you’ll love at the grocery store

Simple way to discover a new wine in the grocery store you’ll love

Pick up a bottle of wine that you like. Next, identify these three things:

  1. The most obvious: what varietal is it? (The varietal is the type of grape.) A Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio? Start with the type of wine you want to drink.
  2. Next, inspect where it was made. All wines have distinct characteristics based on a million different things, but region is a main influencer. Washington State Cabernets tend to be a smooth, clean, and crisp. Alexander Valley Cabs are elegant, balanced, have notes of dark fruits, and sometimes tobacco. Once you find an area you love, chances are you’ll like other wines from the same place.
  3. Finally, price point – probably your main concern! 

This is a simple way to discover new wines based on your past favorites. If you want to explore beyond that, go to a wine tasting – or attend a virtual tasting! Many of the California wineries offered virtual tastings, and hopefully will continue. Or, pick up the best book to learn about wine, Wine Folly. Tasting more wine thoughtfully, and writing down your tasting notes (this is a cool wine journal) will help you determine your taste. 

Cheers, ya’ll!

ps – here are red wines under $20 to try from Target

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