For the love of ‘Mythic Quest’

Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest on AppleTV+ is like the quirky cousin of Office Space and Silicon Valley.

The entire season is fantastic, but the real reason to watch it is the final bonus quarantine episode. It captures 2020 in the most unexpected way. I genuinely laughed out loud, I cried, I marveled at the way it poignantly tied in every single feeling and emotion I’ve experienced during quarantine. It was created on zoom and may be the most brilliant final episode of any season I’ve ever watched. You have to watch the entire season to get it, but it’s a thoughtful and relatable and heartwarming and hilarious and smart and 30 minutes that is worth watching the show to appreciate.

Things I loved about this first season, besides the bonus episode: the lead programmer is a smart woman, the fact that the office has few females is highlighted in an observant way, the creatives’ egos are flawlessly depicted, the diversity and inclusion committee scenes were clearly written by someone who has attended a diversity and inclusion committee meeting, and the characters are personalities you’ll encounter in any work environment.

We’ve loved our Apple TV+ subscription: the Dear documentary series, Ted Lasso, and the Morning Show are really thought-provoking, smart, and creative.

What are you watching? We’re not watching too many shows right now, and would love recommendations. 📺

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