Before/After: New Chunky Jute Rug in the Living Room

before: smaller shaggidy shag rug

Before / after – new living room rug! We had a rug called – and I PROMISE this is the actual name: shaggidy shag. It was about an 8 x 10 and too small for the space. I spent years staring at it, wondering what should replace her. Should the replacement rug have a pattern? A design? Leopard Print? Does this room crave an oriental? I needed to have this rug stand up to dogs and kids. Finally, after much obsessing debating and exchanging approximately 7,000 texts with my mother, this chunky jute rug from Overstock arrived, was unpacked, and unrolled into the living room. And it’s on sale at Overstock! There are several colors, this is the natural/ivory. Love the pattern & texture – perfect for house with kids and a dog 🐕

after: 10 x 14 chunky jute rug


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Highly recommend the Chunky Jute Rug on Overstock!


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