Chinese Chippendale Counter Stools

For that pretty Coastal Chinoiserie style at your kitchen island

Are you the type of person who has a design plan for your home, or do you just add one thing that you love at a time and hope it fits? I’m the latter. I didn’t buy everything at once, and while I had a vision and ideas, I didn’t consult a designer who came up with a measured plan or a mood board. Let’s just say I exchanged at least 300 text messages with my mom for YEARS about a rug purchase (settled on a chunky natural jute rug!) This would drive most people crazy but I love the hunt. One statement piece I absolutely love are the Chinese Chippendale counter stools that line up along our kitchen island.

I love fretwork. We have counter stools with fretwork in the kitchen, fretwork on my grandmother’s stunning breakfront, a sofa in the living room with fretwork, drapes with a cool Greek scroll pattern – all in the same space occupied by one of the great loves of my life, our octagon shelves. Would a designer go for this many geometric patterns in one space? Perhaps. But, probably not. In the end, does it matter? I’m an advocate for design that’s comfortable and makes you happy. I’m not trying to live in a magazine, and the parties we throw are the bring-your-kids-and-let’s-order-pizza variety rather than the formal dinner party variety. BUT. I love color and patterns and color and blue & white china and antiques like any loyal southern Grandmillenial. So, I’m also an advocate for furniture purchases you really love and want to keep for a long time.

Coastal Chic Design tips

  • Buy things that make you happy, not what is trendy.
  • Be willing to wait for it … don’t buy a piece just to fill a need – that spot can sit empty!
  • Antique shops have great finds, for less than most retail stores.
  • Trust your creative instinct 🥂

Chippendale counter stools

The pictures at the top are before / after of the same chairs that sit at our kitchen island. I LOVE the design of our counter stools with fretwork in the kitchen – and recently had them painted and recovered after about 400 spills in the fabric. I loved the gray, but when they needed to be repainted, decided to go wild and went for coral. They make me happy! But the gray was beautiful… and slightly more subtle 😂 I’d tell you where to get them but honestly don’t recommend – they arrived damaged and the company did nothing to compensate. Boo for bad customer service.

Bamboo Counter Stools

If you’ve ever searched for counter stools, you’ll know what a monumental task this is. All the pretty ones have an unattainable price tag. I love counter stools with fretwork for any style home – traditional, transitional, Palm Beach Chic, classic Southern – but that’s just my style so that’s the style I’ve picked for this blog post! I’m not saying all of these are affordable, but here are my top five (plus the rest I’d consider)… in case you’re looking for new counter stools.

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Chinese Chippendale counter stools

Seraphina Bar & Counter Stool

This beauty will fit in any style, contemporary, southern, Palm Beach Chic, and coastal casual.

Chinese Chippendale counter stools

Shoshana Bar & Counter Stool

Another beautiful rattan and chippendale counter stool – this one has the square back, and is considerably less expensive!

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Bayou Breeze Hughes Counter Stool

If you love this style, you’ll really love the price: about $220, which is less expensive than most of the others similar.

Chinese Chippendale counter stools

Bayou Breeze Hughes Counter Stool

Let’s just drool over this gorgeous bamboo Chinese Chippendale lacquered in a happy color.

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Shaaf Chippendale in Mahogony

Wow! This one is beautiful! Perfect to add a formal accent.

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Merrion Bar & Counter Stool

If you have 892 dollars and 50 cents to spend on a counter stool, please buy this insanely gorgeous counter stool. Available in a light gray if you don’t adore the wood.

Asian Style Bar Stools

Bar Stools are a little bit taller than counter height stools. Here are a few that come in different sizes.

Chippendale Bar Stool

This high class black chippendale bar stool is elegant and formal and stunning. And half off!

Pretty Stools

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Acrylic Counter Stool

An acrylic counter stool is a chic addition to any kitchen island, and fits in so many styles!

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Counter Stool

I realize this is not chinoiserie, or bamboo, or Chippendale, or have fretwork so it shouldn’t really be on this list…but you know what? It does have that geometric, glam look so I added it. It’s my blog after all, right!? Love this one – and floored by the price, less than $150. This would be a serious contender if I were buying counter stools right now!

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