Octagon Shelves

Dorothy Draper furniture at The Greenbrier

Octagon shelves from the Greenbrier have been on a shelf in my brain for years. We are currently building a home, which will have built-in shelves. And like every single decision in this design process, my head spins with possibility.

Pinterest was an acquaintance, and Houzz met me for drinks once, but finding a really pretty built-in-shelves design without a fireplace was lonely on the internet. I just didn’t find anything that stood out to copy. What frustrated me turned out to be lucky – it forced me to create something new. Funny how that happens in life and design, right?

I borrowed my favorite design from Ms. Dorothy Draper and sketched out a design for octagon shelves on my iPad. (Proving my husband wrong that I would never use the Apple Pencil I insisted I “needed.”)

Octagon shelves sketch


I texted the design to friends with good taste and posting on social media, who all confirmed this was not a distasterous idea I’d regret for the next several decades. Dutch, with D Squared Carpentry, took one glance and casually said that the drawers would be a little expensive but the octagon shape would not be a problem.

Drawers were the expense, and not the bizarre shape? YES. Deal was sealed: “We don’t need drawers! LET’S DO THIS THING.”

And he did.

And they are glorious.

I’m nearly certain Dorothy Draper smiled down from the heavens, from her dwelling around the corner from Pablo Picasso, surrounded by vibrant florals and bold cabana stripes on top of fluffy clouds full of love. I felt her divine approval when I turned the corner and saw the octagon shelves for the first time.

Gorgeous geometry.

Now. What should go in the shelves? Vases? Stacks of books? Pretty china? Or absolutely nothing? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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  1. 8.4.17
    Pam said:

    This is just stunning and I LOVE your creative and inspired spirit! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. 8.4.17

    Awww thank you! Figuring out what to put on the shelves will require a minimum of one bottle of sparkling ????