Pretty Painted Chinoiserie Pumpkins

AKA Preppy Halloween Decor
Pretty Painted Chinoiserie Pumpkins

If you’re a blue and white fanatic, and love chinoiserie, no doubt these chinoiserie pumpkins would have stopped your scroll, too.

When the EZ Easel posted she was painting chinoiserie pumpkins, I immediately ordered a pair! I love her so much – she makes custom door hangings and decor, and works with you on the design before she begins painting. I love supporting local small businesses, and women-owned businesses, and CREATORS. She is all three – a woman-owned local creator.

These turned out to be perfect!

They look so pretty on our octagon shelves, which were inspired by the one and only Dorothy Draper.

The chinoiserie pumpkins would also be pretty on a kitchen island or as a pretty tablescape on your dining room table.

PS – the photo on the right is slightly askew and bothers me, but not enough to retake the photo. My mantra these days is “as is / not perfect / amen” because otherwise? I’d never post a thing. Projects would remain unfinished. Designs would never be sent to print. That’s life. It’s not perfect. You can always tweak but at some point, just be done with it! 🥂

Check out the EZ Easel for chinoiserie painted pumpkins and other pretty designs. Follow her on Facebook so you know when she’s creating something cool Iike these chinoiserie pumpkins!!

The EZ Easel

Myrtle Beach Artist

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