Why we love our subscription box for art!

‘Let’s Make Art’ subscription sends you supplies + videos for weekly watercolor projects.
Anyone can be an artist!

File this under “things I tried in Quarantine.” While everyone was baking bread, I decided to learn how to paint with watercolor. It just sounds so fancy and refreshing, right? And I found the perfect solution for this new artistic endeavor: the Let’s Make Art subscription box makes it easy to get started.

Subscription box: art for beginners (and kids!)

If you’re looking for a creative outlet, a Let’s Make Art box subscription takes the intimidation out of painting with watercolor. You can get one for kids, too. Monthly subscriptions are $35, and include all of the supplies you’ll need for a month’s worth of projects. Plus, you’ll have plenty of paint leftover for more projects. Note: When I signed up, I also purchased the recommended brushes and paint tray for an additional $20.

Free Watercolor Tutorial Videos

Let’s Make Art’s free watercolor tutorial videos will help you learn how to paint with watercolor – even if you’ve never painted! You can access the videos even if you don’t subscribe to the ‘Let’s Make Art’ box. Find a project from their library of videos, and get started! Sarah is your own personal art teacher who makes each project fun and entertaining. Any skill level will enjoy and learn with her videos.

Each week, a new video tutorial on YouTube is released with the step-by-step instructions. The videos are free so if you happen to have all of the watercolor supplies on hand, you can follow along with the tutorials. The art projects are all so pretty and designed for all levels.

Let’s Make Art on YouTube

My daughter questioned, “why did you paint little hamburgers?” Lol. My macaroons don’t look like the professional’s macaroons. Good thing Sarah, the instructor, makes you repeat an oath to not compare your art to other’s work at the beginning. She has such a happy, soothing voice which makes the painting experience relaxing and fun.

Favorite Let’s Make Art tutorials

Who knew that watercolor came in liquid form? Not me… and it’s nice to have a professional pick out the right watercolor paper and supplies. The paint is much more fun with brighter colors than your kids’ watercolor set.

Subscription box: art for Kids

Let’s Make Art Subscription Box for Kids is amazing for little artists! Each box comes with fun seasonal tutorials, along with cute stickers and a patch. My daughter (6) absolutely loves opening up her box and painting all of the projects. We do them together and have so much fun! (And, yes, our art table is a big mess!)

June Watercolor Art Box

Let’s Make Art Kits

Subscribe to the Let’s Make Art watercolor box for $35/month (you can cancel anytime!) You’ll get all of the supplies needed for weekly watercolor art projects for the month including paint, paper, and instructions. $5 off your first purchase if you use this link (and I get $5 off too!!) Kits for kids are awesome, too!

Happy painting, y’all!

Looking for things to paint with watercolor?

follow my Watercolor Ideas Pinterest board! I’m constantly pinning pretty pictures for painting inspiration 🙂 and just use my watercolors and supplies leftover from my Let’s Make Art box!

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