Put a Goldbug in your ear

Shiny golden Palmetto Bugs from Charleston, S.C.

In the Lowcountry, the polite name for a cockroach is a Palmetto Bug. One Charleston jewelry designer gilded this loathesome insect and turned it into trendy jewelry. Yep, golden cockroaches are a thing in the South! The OG Goldbugs are bright gold, bold earrings that glisten in the sun. They look fantastic with sundresses, and as you get closer, are unmistakably cockroach earrings.

You’ll hear a surprising number of comments while wearing the earrings.

So many conversations will begin with, ”are those bugs!?”

Then, you’ll begin to explain that yes… you do have shiny golden roaches dangling from your earlobes.

Some will say ”ick!” but most will love them.

Sisters “Mini” Hay Avant and Kathleen Hay Hagood designed the Goldbug Collection. They are fourth-generation family members of the Croghan’s Jewel Box located on King Street in Charleston. You’ll discover beautiful bespoke jewelry, and not just cockroaches! Palmetto bugs most likely and understandably give you the creepie-crawlies. And that’s Ok. Less icky South Carolina inspired designs include Okra earrings, a queen bee pendant, and crab claws.

Dangle golden Palmetto Bugs from your earlobes for your next brunch date.

Shop Goldbugs

Shop Goldbug Collection at Croghan’s Jewel Box online or on King Street in downtown Charleston

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