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Decorate with fancy French florals for your floor
Aubusson rug
Aubusson Rug from Perigold

The other day, I was in a home with the most beautiful rugs! Give me all the French floral. They made such a statement in her home. A gorgeous rug can really change a room – particularly if it has a lot of color and pattern. Aubusson rugs tend to be formal, but can also blend in a more contemporary casual home.

Thoughts on fancy casual

What’s your style? I try to strike a balance between formal and functional.

With young kids, I know that the sofa is going to have food smashed into the cushions and fancy throw pillows will end up in a fort. BUT. I don’t want to “wait until later” to have the perfect home so I just have all the formal antique furniture out (mostly beloved hand-me-downs from family) and it gets used. And with use, comes imperfections. But THAT IS THE POINT. On weeknights, we sit around my grandmother’s dining room table on my husband’s grandmother’s dining chairs.

Do I cringe when I see a scratch or a stain? Sure. But, I also love our home, love our antiques, and love the memories we are creating in this home.

I imagine my grandmother (Mama Lane) is lovingly watching us from heaven approving our family dinners and is OK with the scratches on her gorgeous dining table. We don’t have unused areas in our house. The formal areas are our everyday living areas, and they make me happy – even with all the imperfections.

So my point is this: buy the pieces for your home that you love, and just brace yourself they won’t look brand-new forever. That means you’ve actually lived in your beautiful home. Every scratch is a memory.

If you’re looking for a new rug, find one you love. It’s an investment. One option – especially if you’re putting it in a high-traffic room – is to get a basic jute rug, and layer a smaller fancier rug to put under the coffee table or in the middle so you can add color and pattern without a significant investment.

What is an Aubusson rug?

“Further what distinguishes French Aubusson Savonnerie rugs is the technique of depth perspective that was invented by 17th-century French artists and weavers whereby the patterns in the rug seem three-dimensional. As such, Aubusson Rugs exhibit complex color patterns, symmetrical knots, and flamboyant designs. Today, it is still possible to enjoy these rugs as they continue to be replicated in India, Pakistan, China, and Iran. Made by a skilled craftsman, the rug is a beautiful symphony of bold motifs, stunning colors, and consummate artisanship. ” via Isabelline on Wayfair

Pink Aubusson Rugs

Here are my 3 picks if you’re looking for pink:

Favorite Blue Chinoiserie Rugs

All of these blue rugs are just stunning and timeless.

Neutral Aubusson Rugs with Color

The dominant color is neutral, but all have pretty hues throughout to match your other fabrics and decor.

Pretty Green Rugs

Pretty finds if you’re looking for a green rug:

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