Are you a Grandmillennial?

My grandmother’s dining room furniture

I am basically writing this blog post for my design soul sister, Keri, who shares my love of antiques and traditional design mixed with quirky and chinoiserie and lots of color and fun. She’s also agreed to star in a blog post, and I can’t wait to show you her home and style.

Definition of Grandmillennial

Keri, there are more of us. There is a definition and a name for our style – Grandmillennial – and it was coined by House Beautiful editor Emma Bazilian. One Kings Lane explains the style: “For many grandmillennials, it’s a fresh take on a look they’ve known all their lives.”

Design God Carleton Varney recently noted, “What’s out can come back at a moment’s notice, especially these days when decorating photos can travel the globe in an instant via the internet.”

The Mad Men midcentury modern and the farmhouse trend is popular right now. All the shiplap. All new furniture (even though some of it’s been painted to look older.)

Trends come and go. For example:

1980s: pastel wonderland

But some trends remain constant.

Grandmillennials love antiques

Millennials don’t want their parents’ traditional antique furniture, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. I just had this conversation with my sister-in-law, a realtor in Virginia. She said her clients retiring don’t know what to do with their antiques because the kids don’t want them. And I say: give me their unwanted furniture! A classic piece always fits. To me, sitting around my grandmother’s dining room table at chairs from my husband’s grandmother is as incredibly special as it is beautiful. It doesn’t look outdated in our modern home.

I’ve found so many high-quality pieces in antique shops for so much less than a newer piece of furniture from modern retailers.

Scroll through. Photo #2 grass cloth with pattern detail is to die for:

Are you a Grandmillennial?

You can take the Grandmillennial quiz to find out if you’re a Grandmillennial or a Classic Millennial.

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