14 Beautiful Cobalt Blue Vases

for wow-worthy floral arrangements
11 Pretty Cobalt Blue Vases

Cobalt blue vases add such a sophisticated touch to a floral arrangement – plus, you can keep the arrangement simple!

Tip for picking out a vase

The trick to getting grocery store flowers to look great in a vase is pretty simple: choose a vase with a smaller opening at the top so the flowers stay bunched together. You’ll need fewer flowers to make the arrangement look pretty.

Cobalt Blue Vases

Here are pretty cobalt blue vases for cheery floral arrangements to add charm to your home!

11 Pretty Cobalt Blue Vases

Blue Glass Vase with Gold

Honestly, this one for the price is a great option! Reviews give it 4.7/5 stars.

Amazon • $10.99

Glass Cobalt Blue Vases

Vintage Style Vases

Chinoiserie Vases

If you’re a Grandmillennial, you have true love for chinoiserie accessories. (Which means you’ll also love chinoiserie counter stools with fretwork, and a chinoiserie place setting.) These vases are all beautiful and will add blue and white charm to your home!

Kourtney Vase • Anthropologie • $58
Chinoiserie Bud Vase • Anthropologie • $32
Blue & White Chinoiserie Collection • Ballard Designs • $99

Happy flower arranging, y’all!

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