Roundup of smoker recipes for chicken, beef, pork, salmon & more

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Smoker recipes
Pit Barrel Smoker

 Be a smoker (of the grilling type!)A smoker grill turns beef, poultry, and seafood into a melt-in-your-mouth culinary treat. It’s not a difficult way to cook – just a little time-consuming. Add some seasoning and let the smoker do it’s thing to create a delicious dinner. Here’s a round-up of smoker recipes, the cookbook to buy, and which is the most recommended smoker if you’re thinking about purchasing one for summertime cooking.

smoker grills reviews

Let’s start first with: which smoker grill should you buy? YouTube knows!

weber smokey mountain cooker

This is the best video we watched when looking for a recommendation on a smoker grill. The top two choices seem to be pretty consistent among bbq enthusiasts for the best smoker for a beginner: the Pit Barrel Cooker and the Weber Smokey Mountain. While both are highly recommended, the Weber Smokey Mountain wins. Plus it looks cooler. Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot sell the Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker, which is the recommendation from the Mad Scientist BBQ on YouTube, and he seems to know what he’s talking about.

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is available in 3 sizes, and starts around $230.

If you’re a Grand Strand local, you can pick it up at Palmetto Ace Hardware in Pawleys Island.

Meat Delivery Subscription | ButcherBox

Now, where to get the meats? A local butcher or grocery store or Costco are the obvious choices, but you can also get premium meats delivered! Stock up on all of the meats you plan to smoke with a meat delivery service, ButcherBox. This company offers “100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood.” So convenient!

Beginner Smoker Recipes

BBQ Guys offers 10 tips for smoking, including selecting wood chips, how much wood to add, using water so your meat doesn’t dry out, and to avoid opening the lid too much. Like learning any new style of cooking, getting a basic understanding of how to use your smoker grill from YouTube is a great place to start – but then, you’ll master it by simply cooking on it!

Smoker recipes for chicken

Recipe roundup of smoker recipes for chicken wings, whole chicken, and chicken breast – all look delicious, and you can save the leftovers for lunches during the week.

smoker recipes: chicken breast + wings

A roundup of smoked chicken breast and wings recipes to try on your smoker!

Smoker recipes for beef

smoker recipes steak, beef tips, and more

smoker recipes: beef

More smoker recipes

how to smoke salmon, ribs, turkey, & veggies

More Smoker Recipes

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