Air Fryer Recipes

Everything you can make with an Air Fryer (and the one we love!)

After much debate and googling and watching YouTube videos and quizzing friends who owned one, I caved and got a Ninja Foodie Air Fryer from Costco. And because it’s from Costco, it’s the mega air fryer and XL “made for large families and entertaining.” LOL. It can air fry two things at once and takes up half of my kitchen island. (I hide it in the pantry when not using.) Now I’m trying to justify this massive new kitchen appliance so I’m googling all the air fryer recipes for beginners.

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In the 12 hours since I’ve owned it, I’ve made hashbrowns, burned broccoli, air fryer shrimp, successfully reheated ham, and made sausage. So far, I have a loving relationship with this thing. Now, I’m on the hunt to find easy air fryer recipes for healthy, quick dinners. Here’s info about the one we purchased, plus easy air fryer recipes for beginners.

What is the best air fryer to buy?

We went ALL IN and got a huge air fryer, which I don’t think every family needs, but if you the space – I highly recommend the one we purchased. Plus, I like having the two baskets so you can cook two different things at once.

ninja foodi 2 basket air fryer

Shop: Ninja Foodie 10 qt 2 basket air fryer is available at Target

Here’s what I love about the air fryer v. the oven:

  • Cooks faster (no preheating time!)
  • Easy to clean
  • Food is crispy

air fryer recipes for beginners that look quick and easy

Here are some recipes I’d like to try.

Air fryer recipes for beginners

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