Summer bucket list ideas

Shop local, explore outdoors, read a book

Let’s make the most of the summer of 2022!

Enjoy the outdoors.

Explore our local areas.

Shop local.

Sip wine at a local restaurant.

Let’s challenge ourselves to stay off the screen and learn something new. Here are summer bucket list ideas to make the most of the season!

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Fun Ideas for Summer

Explore outdoors

Take time to enjoy nature! Pack a picnic, be a photographer, put on your favorite walking shoes and go exploring. Here are some ideas:

Summer bucket list ideas for kids

Make creating this list an activity! Get your kids in on the fun. Creating a summer bucket list (with parental veto power) is way easier and more fun (and less terrifying) than committing to a Yes Day.

summer bucket list ideas

Read for fun. Read for 30 minutes. 15 minutes. 90 minutes. Just set aside time to read a fun, summer beach book. Reese’s Book Club always has the best recommendations with stories you won’t want to put down.

summer bucket list ideas

Try a local restaurant • Make a list of local restaurants you’ve never tried, but want to. Add them into your mix of your favorites when you decide to dine out this summer -and make dining local a priority! Check out our list of must-try local Myrtle Beach restaurants if you need ideas.

Ideas for a summer bucket list for foodies

Foodies, make this a summer to explore your local restaurant scene, try something new, cook with local produce, and test out recipes.

  • Check out a local farmer’s market, and pick out in-season produce to try a new recipe.
  • Learn from YouTube. Check out 3 of our favorite YouTube Cooking Channels to learn new tips, try new recipes, and be entertained.
  • Try a smoker recipe!
  • Find a local wine tasting or dinner to learn more about wine.

summer bucket list ideas

Book a visit to the spa and get a facial or a massage!! You deserve it. Stox & Co. is an amazing locally-owned spa and salon you should add to your list.

More self-care summer bucket list ideas

Support one of these locally-owned, women-owned boutiques and find a pretty dress that makes you feel happy & confident:

Cheers, y’all! Share in the comments what’s made your bucket list this summer 🥂

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