Kayaking in Cherry Grove

If you’re looking for a forced fun family adventure, check out the Cherry Grove Sunset Tour. My friend and I decided we were DONE with staying inside and it was time for family time. We colluded: let’s be tourists in our own town!! So, we booked a kayak tour for our families without any further discussion. So adventurous! And cool! Subaru would be so proud of our outdoorsy activity!

Welcome aboard, kids, to a memory-making adventure we’ll always treasure.

We arrived early to walk down the Nature Preserve and had a picnic before embarking on our paddling journey.

Then we had a quick tutorial, boarded our kayaks, and paddled out into the water. We spent about 90 minutes cruising through Cherry Grove on kayaks until the sun set. Such a cool Sunday Fun Day! It was beautiful.

So. In full disclosure, I was with my 10-year old, and paddling against the tide when you’re both a little worn out can be a trying time. We both would have quit had we had the option… but the only option was to furiously paddle our way to the end so we could cruise back to the landing while the sun set. I relentlessly swung my paddle against the current. I hoped it would propel the vessel forward instead of drifting backword. I cursed the decision to go kayaking. When it was over, I decided to write a glowing blog post recommending this activity to others. Haha, it really was worth it.

Check out our video highlights:

Glass Bottom Kayak Tours of North Myrtle Beach has plenty of kayaking adventures to enjoy. Happy paddling!


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