Frisbee Golf Course at Market Common

Bring your frisbees, comfortable walking shoes, and someone fun
Frisbee Golf Course In Myrtle Beach

If you’re looking for a fun new leisure sport, check out the Myrtle Beach Frisbee Golf Course at The Market Common! The course is free, but you need to bring your own gear. My son and I arrived with our starter disc golf set, which includes three frisbees, and quickly realized that we were among some serious frisbee golfers.

What to bring to a Frisbee Golf Course

Disc golf course starter set

Frisbee Golf Course Starter Set

I was surprised at the number of people with professional-looking gear at the disc golf course in Myrtle Beach! Wheely bags with a collection of frisbees! Even though we lacked a fancy frisbee bag, we still had a blast. The starter sets are affordable and easy to carry. The set of three includes a driver, mid-range, and putt approach frisbee. You can buy these online:

Plan to do plenty of walking – so definitely wear a comfortable athletic outfit and walking shoes!

Disc Golf Video of the Myrtle Beach course

Rules of Disc Golf

Just like golf, you want to make the least amount of shots for the lowest score. Our rules were to keep tossing the frisbee until it landed in the goal. We did not keep score. If you want the real rules, the DGA has a simple outline of all the disc golf rules, including what to do if your frisbee goes out of bounds.

Happy frisbee golfing, y’all! It’s a lot of fun, and a great activity with kids!

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