Kids Movies Based on a Book

12 kids movies based on a book worth checking out this summer

Every kid loves a challenge. This summer, challenge your kids with the ultimate reading list to find out if the book is better than the movie. Inspire your kids to love stories by reading the book first, then watching the movie! If your kids resist reading, this may be the incentive they need to kickstart a love of reading. (Or, at least, agree to read to complete the challenge!!) Make the movie night a fun reward for completing the book. Here are some ideas for you!

Movies v. Book Challenge Ideas

Read the books with your child this summer, then watch the movie!

  • Select a few books from our list below
  • Set aside time everyday to read
  • Try to read the same number of pages or chapters per day so you can be on the same pace (if you are not reading aloud to your child)
  • Host a family movie night – pick a date so you both have finished the book
  • Let the movie be a reward: either something special the two of you do together, or include a special treat (ice cream sundaes! Candy bar! Popcorn!)

Where to get the books

  • Check them out from your public library: Chapin Memorial Library in Myrtle Beach is an awesome resource, and you can even access digital libraries to stream books, movies, and shows
  • Amazon
  • Scholastic
  • Barnes & Noble
  • lets you shop from local bookstores – online. You can choose a local bookstore, or you can shop online and they give back to local bookstores. The website explains, “If you want to find a specific local bookstore to support, find them on our map and they’ll receive the full profit off your order. Otherwise, your order will contribute to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookstores (even those that don’t use Bookshop).” Here’s the book list of books with movies on

How to find the best movies based on books for kids by age is the go-to resource to assess what movies and books are age appropriate. Rated by the website, parents, and kids, along with details about what to expect, help parents select the best

Discussion ideas for movies vs. book challenge

After you’ve watched the movies based on books from your reading list, be prepared with some open-ended questions to get your kids thinking about the stories.

  • Share what you liked best about the book and the story.
  • Name three things you loved about the movie.
  • What were the differences between the book and the movie? Were parts of the stories or details omitted from the movie?

Summer reading list: movies based on books

Here are 12 kids movies based on a book for a fun summer reading list and movies v. book challenge!

Kids movies based on a book

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