A Photo Tour of Myrtle Beach’s Hippest New Seafood Restaurant, Hook & Barrel

The family of jellyfish twinkling over the bar was the first thing I noticed in this bright and open restaurant – after hugging the owner, Heidi, and greeter, Jeri.

Hook and Barrel is a local friends-and-family operated restaurant, and a place where you’ll run into friends who will greet you with a hug. You’re going to make plans to grab a Landmark Chardonnay with your girlfriends, sneak away from the kids for a date night, share bacon-wrapped fig appetizers with your favorite friends, and catch up with neighbors.

Everyone on the group text will agree to meet here because it offers a coastal casual cool vibe that instantly makes you want to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, and have digital distraction-free conversation. (Unless you get hypnotized by the incredible decor and fantastic light… in which case, you’ll ignore your date for a few minutes and refuse to let him touch his food until it’s been photographed properly.)

The hip new hot spot is set to open this weekend, and we were invited for a preview tonight. I’m not going to get wordy in this post – you’d skip over the writing and just look at the pictures anyway, right? I’ll just let y’all know the food is even more delectable than it looks.


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