Stock your Pantry with Momofuku

Achieve your fancy Ramen dreams

Ramen is having a moment.

You’ve envied the fancy bowls filled with fresh veggies, a protein like chicken or salmon, sesame seeds casually sprinkled on top on Instagram.

The old school college staple is suddenly on foodie trend.

Most of the recipes you’ll find on the interwebs are intimidating. Who has time to find 18 ingredients in the grocery store and shave a ginger root? (answer: food bloggers who get paid for such culinary nonsense.)

Maybe there’s an easier way to achieve your ramen dreams?


And it doesn’t involve Cup O’ Noodles and a microwave, but is just as easy.

Momofuku pantry staples – including different noodles – are the base for any excellent stir-fry or ramen dish you’re dying to create. Three different noodle flavors – soy and scallion (a basic favorite), spicy soy, and tingly chili make a gourmet dinner so much easier. Add veggies and a protein plus the noodles (seasoned with a Momofuku spice blend) and voila! It’s like your favorite takeout but no driving required.

Need a kicker? Momofuku spicy crunch kicks it up that fabled notch. Anyone who loves spice will be obsessed with the spicy crunch seasoning.

Stock your pantry with Momofuki products: Keep the seasoning salts on hand for veggies and meats and fish. The noodles because they’re delicious. Chopsticks because they are cool. Spicy crunch because it’s crazy and unique and also delicious. Shop Momofuku online

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