Red Clay Hot Sauce

Make your food tastier with Red Clay Hot Sauce’s spices, hot honey, & sauces

Hey southern foodies, add Red Clay Hot Sauce to your shopping cart for springtime entertaining! This Charleston, SC Hot Sauce company makes hot honey, hot sauces, and seasoned salts. All have unique flavors to add a little kick to all of your Lowcountry dishes. Let’s dig in. (haha, food joke.)

Let’s start with the story: a kick-ass entrepreneur named Molly Fienning, founder of the cool kid-brand Babiators, met a Charleston chef, found a passion for hot sauce, and created another brand that is on-trend and high quality. Red Clay Hot Sauce is legit.


I love to eat food, I even love to cook food, but I don’t love to grocery shop for 34 obscure ingredients to prepare a recipe. Finding excellent spices rather than blending my own is a new favorite food trend I love.

I opted for the spicy salt duo, which includes the spicy margarita salt and the bloody mary salt.

I don’t often drink vodka for breakfast, so I have yet to try the Bloody Mary Salt on an actual Bloody Mary. I did try it on shrimp and YES, it worked. This Bloody Mary Salt compliments tomato-based sauces and brunch-y foods in the best way.

The margarita salt on the rim of the margarita is delicious. I made a spicy margarita with jalapeños that is delicious. I also have plans to sprinkle it on guacamole.

Hot Honey Flavors

Red Clay Hot Sauce - hot hot honey

There are so many uses for a hot honey! Red Clay Hot Sauce has three types: Hot honey, hot-hot honey, and spicy peach honey. Use hot honey for a sweet-hot kick on pizza, Brussels sprouts, wings, salad dressings, biscuits, drizzled on top of brie cheese with bread… are you hungry yet!?

I made a salad dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, chopped basil, and peach hot honey – SO GOOD.

Hot Sauces

Red Clay Hot Sauce

You have the original Hot Sauce, Carolina Hot Sauce, Peach Hot Sauce, Verde Hot Sauce, and Habenero Hot sauce. SO MANY to choose from! So many flavors!


Red clay hot sauce - hot honey

Red Clay Hot Sauce

Charleston, SC

“Red Clay Hot Sauce was born when an acclaimed Southern chef met a passionate, adventurous diner.”

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