Simi Wines to keep stocked in your fridge

plus a look around the winery in Sonoma

Simi Winery in Sonoma has the coolest history, and some of the best everyday wines you can keep stocked in your house. We visited the Tasting Room in California to learn more about this popular brand.

About Simi Wines

Simi was one of the first female run wineries in California. Isabelle Simi took over the business at the age of 18 in 1904 when her dad and uncle passed away from influenza. She was a savvy and spunky business woman who saw the winery through earthquakes and Prohibition. She opened up a tasting room after Prohibition, handing out wine to passengers on the train that ran past the winery, and telling them to return. Her marketing ploy worked. The winery continues to produce excellent wines – including Reese’s book club rosè!

Simi Wines to Try

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