9 of the best Grove cleaning products for a cleaner, less cluttered kitchen

9 of the best Grove Collaborative products for a cleaner, less cluttered kitchen

My friend moved into her new house over the weekend after being displaced for two years while it was being built. A hurricane kicked her family out of their temporary house, and she moved at least 3 times in the past few months. Can you imagine moving your baby and 3-year-old to a new condo, apartment, or house every few weeks? My family is still adjusting back to a normal routine after just one week on vacation!! So, I needed to get her a gift. Something truly special. I bought the most exciting gift I could think of: CLEANING PRODUCTS!!! (I’m such a lame friend!!) Since we are soul sisters, she was just as excited to receive Grove cleaning products as I was to give them. Then I told her I’d share on the blog the best Grove Collaborative products to order. (If you’re a blogger, any conversation can turn into content, haha.)

Many modern homes feature an open floor plan with a kitchen as a central part of the living area. Having a clean, uncluttered sink is a big deal. Pretty kitchen cleaning supplies and brushes blend into your decor. Plus, you can scrub dirty dishes in style which makes the chore somewhat more tolerable.

is grove collaborative worth it?

So fresh and so spring clean

I signed up for Grove Collaborative’s VIP program about a year ago and have totally fallen in love with all of the cleaning products. I love pretty kitchen cleaning supplies. They make me happy. It’s the design of the products that I love the most – plus, of course, they are cleaner, safer, and more natural. You do need to manage your subscriptions – but Grove’s customer service is AMAZING. It’s absolutely worth shopping from Grove because you’ll get great deals (free products!) and you can always count on Grove to help you out if you place a wrong order or need something replaced.

A basic, boring brush is transformed into an accessory when the cleaning supplies have smooth bamboo handles with clean, chic designs. A cute wooden brush in a clean white ceramic dish does not need to go into hiding. These stylish brushes are like jewelry for your kitchen sink.

Cleaning products with neutral colors, clean designs, and less obnoxious labels reduces the visual clutter in your kitchen while maintaining function.

See? This isn’t the lamest gift ever!!! Get started with my top picks:

Best Grove Cleaning Supplies

  • Bubble Up Soap Dish + Brush sits on your sink, and the white dish and bamboo handle make it pretty – while the bristles make it functional to scrub dishes
  • Soap dispensers for hand + dish soap sit pretty next to the faucet, ready to wash hands or dishes
  • MicroFiber cloths are a great replacement for paper towels, cleaning up spills and counters with water or spray cleaner
  • Bamboo handled dish brush keeps dishes clean and looks pretty by the sink
    • The coconut scouring pad will get stubborn food like eggs off of your pans, and you can wash it in the dishwasher to reuse

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    1. Foaming Hand Soap Starter Set

    This looks so pretty perched on the sink in our powder room. I love a foaming hand soap. Shop Foaming Hand Dispenser

    2. Hand & Dish Soap Set

    for a prettier kitchen sink. Shop Hand & dish soap set with dish

    3. Modern Stoneware Tray

    for the dish + hand soap dispensers. I bought one for my friend, then stole it for myself. (don’t be distressed: I ordered another and gave her the next one.)

    4. Pretty Dish Brush

    the bamboo handle makes cleaning a little more tolerable since it’s such a pretty brush. Also effective. And you just get a replacement head when it’s time for a new one instead of a whole new brush. Shop dish brush

    5. Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser & Brush Set

    this is a great little item, and kind of a kitchen sink accessory with its modern design, and a scrub brush that won’t get buried at the bottom of the sink under 14,000 cups. (seriously, how do 4 people go through 20 cups a day!? It’s can’t just be us!?)

    6. Cellulose Sponge

    I mean, it’s a sponge and does sponge things but not in horrible colors that ruin the aesthetic of your clean kitchen.

    7. All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth, Set of 3

    OBSESSED with these. Use them for everything from dusting to drying pans. They are so absorbent! You can’t have too many. Shop microfiber cloths

    8. Coconut Scouring Pad, Set of 2

    These are INCREDIBLE. So much better than steel wool for stubborn, sticky pans. The scouring pads scrub all of the food stuck to pots and pans easily. Shop scouring pads

    9. Complete Cleaning Concentrate Kit

    Reusable glass spray bottles + cleaning concentrates cut down on plastic waste… but are also a pretty way to spray down the kitchen. Do you need a pretty bottle? No. Does it make it marginally more fun? Absolutely. Also – I like the Mrs. Meyers basil all-purpose cleaner (also available at Grove, but also Target, Amazon, and a million other places…)

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