Charmin’ Forever Roll will change the way you change TP

charmin forever roll

I’ve been using the same roll of toilet paper for a month, and it has been glorious. Running out of toilet paper – and finding a new roll to replace it – is a legitimate pain in the a**. (Pun intended, successfully avoided temptation to use poop emoji. You’re welcome.) So. Let me tell you about the Charmin’ Forever Roll and how it came into my life (and bathroom)…

Two giggling kids and one mischievous husband gathered around the kitchen island with a “gift” for me to open.

What could it be? Hints like “you didn’t know you needed this,” and “you are going to love this even though you may not think so at first,” had me equally curious and nervous.

Curiosity: Level 10.

And the second I opened it, I knew what the excitement was about. Potty. Anything related to potty is instantly funny for kids (and husbands.)

I unboxed the Forever Roll Starter Kit and discovered three humongous toilet paper rolls – the same size you’d see in any public restroom – along with a stainless steel stand. The good news? The TP is not public bathroom quality – instead, it’s premium Charmin’ quality.

A few weeks into my Forever Roll Experience and I have to tell y’all I would never in a million years return to the time before the Forever Roll. I always have toilet paper. It doesn’t run out with a wispy three squares at the end – enough to keep it on the roll, not enough to wipe. I don’t have to fiddle with changing out toilet paper or finding another roll.

Plus, Charmin’ takes its potty humor seriously by sending a follow up survey email with the subject, “How did we doo?”

Well done, Charmin’.

You may not think you need this gigantic toilet paper roll in your life, but I promise once you have one, you’re going to want one in each of your bathrooms.

Charmin’ Forever Roll

The starter kit includes the stainless steel holder and three gigantic toilet paper rolls.

Charmin' Forever Roll

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