Don’t be dull! How often you should sharpen your kitchen knives

Professional Mobile Knife Sharpening Service, Coastal Sharp, answers sharp answers for your dull questions

You never want to be stuck in a dull meeting or with a dull knife in the kitchen. We received fancy knives for our wedding, and nearly 16 years later, they are still going strong. Except they were dull, not a quality you want when slicing. You want sharp knives in the kitchen – especially now we’re all cooking more at home!

How do you know when your knife is dull? When it barely slices a jalapeño.

It was time to sharpen our kitchen knives, but how? Some knife sharpening services require mailing your knives to a place… what a pain. Then, I discovered Coastal Sharp, which is not only local – he will come to your home!

Coastal Sharp out of Georgetown started a mobile knife sharpening service in 2020, and it is AWESOME! He’ll drive to your home to sharpen your kitchen knives. Our knives were like brand-new after his visit. He also will sharpen your pocket knives, garden tools, and more.

Here’s what to expect:

How to sharpen knives at home

In between professional sharpening, you can sharpen your knives at home after using them.

tools to sharpen knives

The owner of Coastal Sharp advises a ceramic rod (like this one from Amazon) for sharpening after usage to hone the edges and keep your knives sharp.

how often sharpen knives

If you are sharpening your knives at home, you’ll extend the time necessary to get them professionally sharpened. When the knives get dull, and they will, it’s time to get them professionally sharpened. He advised about every six months, depending on how often you use your knives.

Our Wusthof Kitchen Knives Set

We’ve used our Wustof Knives set for 15 years, and they are still slicing strong! This is a pretty set with a large collection of different knives – you could get a smaller set and be happy. We love them (even more when they are sharp!)

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