Get your chips & cheese dip fix: Sun City Cafe to-Go

If you know, you know.

The cheese dip is addictive. The fresh lettuce and radishes on top of the tacos add the perfect crunch. The roasted peppers on top of black beans and rice on the side complements every dish. The menu may seem basic, but the food is not. You won’t find fajitas, but you will find enormous tacos, an old school burrito that could easily feed a table of four, and grilled quesadillas oozing with cheese. Sun City’s spin on Mexican is a combination of super fresh ingredients and unique recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

Sun City Café made our 20 must-try Myrtle Beach restaurants list because this hole-in-the-wall spot is like a secret club for locals. Sun City fans get each other. Mention Sun City to another Sun City fan and immediately there will be camaraderie: it’s like a test of your coolness. You like Sun City? Me too, let’s be friends.

When you walk in, the welcome you’ll receive is like coming over to a friend’s house. It’s casual. Like really casual. And that’s what makes it so inviting. You can just let your guard down, be relaxed, laugh a lot, and dive into baskets of chips.

If you’ve never been, it’s ok. You can still be a part of the fan club. During this social distancing time, you can still experience Sun City’s delicious food.

Does Sun City Cafe to-go match the experience of dining in? Of course not. Restaurants are about gathering, sharing chips, sitting closer than six feet apart. BUT, the food is still superb and you can eat it at home. Plus, supporting our local restaurants is the tasty thing to do!

Sun City Café

Mexican Bar & Restaurant located in downtown Myrtle Beach

(843) 445-2992

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