What are the best kitchen gifts you’ve ever received?

Best kitchen gifts

What are the workhorses of your home cooking show? In our house, it’s a few random things: a spatula that withstands heat up to 450 degrees, a lemon/lime juicer, a small Cuisinart food processor. Then, the quarantine game-changer: my husband gave me a Lodge cast-iron skillet for Christmas. I’m not sure why these iconic kitchen staples are so cheap, but this skillet has CHANGED OUR LIFE. Everything just tastes better when sautéed in this skillet. It made me think: what else do we need? What are the best kitchen gifts you’ve ever received?

Lodge cast iron skillet
cast-iron skillet

Practically every YouTube cooking show we watch talks about a seasoned cast-iron skillet. “Why did we wait so long to get one?” we question as we marvel over how the pork chops brown perfectly.

(PS – photo at top is pork chops in mustard sauce and it is easy + delicious! Pair with chardonnay!)

best kitchen gifts

Here are all of the best kitchen gifts to give yourself or someone else 🥂 Please share your favorites in the comments!!

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