The coolest thing to do with your Instagram photos: Magnets for your fridge.

See what I did there in the headline? Coolest? Fridge? Just had to point that out. Haha.

Composing a pretty photo in a little tiny square to share on Instagram is certainly wildly popular in internet land, and a fun challenge for a photographer. Here’s a pressing question: what to do with those little square images after you’ve posted them on Instagram?

I researched a lot of different options – and there are certainly a million things you can do with photos – but there are only so many photo books and picture frames one home can display. Other photo gifts usually only display a few photos. So, I think the coolest thing to do with your Instagram photos is turn them into magnets and stick them to your fridge. You can keep adding to the collection as you take more photos.

Interior designers will dictate nothing – NOT ONE THING – should be stuck to your refrigerator. I violate this rule big time. Where else am I going to display my son’s precious handprint artwork from school? (It stays on the fridge, and the “best of” gets placed in a gigantic canvas zipper bag which the local Kangaroo Pouch sells.) I’m not going to show you the side of the fridge that contains our family calendar and a magnetic coozie stuffed with pens – I wouldn’t want to make the internet cringe or find the picture on Pinterest in a “what not to do” meme. Here’s our freezer door:


We started ordering these little square magnets from Sticky9 and keep adding to our collection. They are little snapshots of our lives and make me happy every time I go to the fridge. My son LOVES them. It’s a thrilling moment to receive the package in the mail, open it, and add the new ones to our collection. I love the mix of photos like the flower that looked like a Truffula Tree in Hilton Head and of course the ones of their smiling faces.


I think even some interior designers would agree that the mosaic of photos on the fridge makes a stylish and modern statement in the kitchen. They would roll their eyes at my magnet shark bottle opener holding up pre-school artwork, but I’ll just roll my eyes right back and say “I don’t want to hide the fact there are children in this home. Plus, a bottle opener on the fridge is convenient when you’re taste testing Hefeweizens.

Use code FRIENDZCDN on to get 15% off your order. (and I get 15% too!) They run deals all of the time so I suggest signing up for their email list! It’s really simple to order using the website or the iPhone app. I’ve done both from my phone. Also, I’ve printed additional photos that were not posted on Instagram – you can print any photo you’d like.

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  1. 7.19.15
    Anna said:

    I love this idea! I love my IG photos but not how they seemed trapped in the app. Magnets would be the perfect solution.

    • 7.19.15

      They ARE! And it’s fun to see them printed in a collection – the little details as a part of the whole picture. Yours will be so pretty!