The best camera is the one with you

Every single day when we pick up Thomas from “Mama Lee’s”, he requests we drive down “Horse Road,” which is 38th Avenue in Myrtle Beach. Horses live there.

He’s named them: Puddin’ is the baby, Ham is the daddy, Butterscotch is the mommy, and Bob is the friend.


Today, we got to feed the horses carrots. To be more specific, these were beautiful, photogenic organic carrots from the Piggly Wiggly, the only kind available. They would have made the perfect photograph if I’d had 3 seconds to pause the flurry of activity that happened the moment I parked the car and told him we were going to meet the horses. The carrots were consumed before I had the chance to drop them on the ground and snap a shot.


I’m lucky any of these photos turned out – there was a spec of dust that created a perfect, purple circle in the middle of half of my photos. Always dust off your lens…

Always dust off your lens. (see that purple dot? a spec.)
Always dust off your lens. (see that purple dot? a spec.)

I also left my favorite camera (fuji x100s) at home in the diaper bag. I had my work camera in the car (yay!) but not my 50mm lens (boo.) I had my wide angle lens I use to shoot interiors. It’s not something I ever would have considered for this photo shoot opportunity, but I actually love the way the pictures turned out. So, as the saying goes – the best camera is the one with you – oftentimes, it’s the iPhone. While I may have my dream camera gear that I’d purchase if I won the lottery, and hire a caddy to carry it around for me, the thing is – capturing moments like these doesn’t require pro equipment, and it’s a fun challenge to use exactly what you have on hand. I’ve really adjusted to the fixed lens of the Fuji x100s and I love the camera because it’s so portable. I was annoyed that I didn’t have it with me, but in this instance, I’m glad I was forced to use the other one.

Here’s a photo album, and if you click and scroll through the photos, you can view all of the data, if you’re a photographer and like to see the settings. I just had it in aperture mode and hoped for the best!


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