This is the best grandparent photo gift, ever – and it’s so easy to make!

What do you get for the grandparent who has everything? Grandparents always adore picture gifts, and I discovered best grandparent photo gift of all time!

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Have you had your kids fill out one of the those kid questionnaires with silly answers like “how old is my mommy?” (mine answered 8 years old, confused with the age of her brother) and “she is SO good at” (my shining moment: Costco!) 

Pinhole Press turned that concept into a BOOK!

Create the book

I made my book in minutes from my phone on the mobile-friendly website. Simply upload photos from your phone or from social media and edit the questions if you’d like. You can use their questions, or create your own. (Or use this version, which I got for Mother’s Day!) The book will be delivered in a few days, and your kids can fill out the answers in their own handwriting. Or, if they are too young to write, you fill it out for them and let them scribble! 

iPhone user tip

Facial recognition is kind of creepy… but super convenient if you want to quickly find pictures of your grandmother (or Mimi, Mama, Gigi, Memaw…) for a photo album. It took just a few minutes to compile my favorite 10 photos from the past few years for the book using the people album and selecting her face.

Pinhole Press makes excellent quality photo gifts, and all are unique with modern designs. A few years ago, I ordered custom beer labels for my dad’s birthday. He was at a work party, and the bartender surprised him with a beer with his grandson’s face on it! Also, my son was holding a frog and I’m pretty sure the label said (obviously) “Hoppy Birthday,” as it also was on a hoppy beer. I know, I know, I’m in marketing. Funny? At least dad joke funny?

Pinhole Press brings the quality when it comes to photo gifts, and this little book is no exception. It’s a simple design, quick and easy to create, and the book is delivered in days. The small board book has ultra thick pages and excellent print quality.

Where to order

These fun fill-in-the-blank books make great gifts for grandparents, of course – but are also cool gifts for friends, teachers, family members, and any mom or dad would love one from their kids!

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