Chatbooks Review: turn your memories into beautiful coffee-table worthy books in minutes

Chatbooks review

Are you guilty of taking a million photos and never printing them? That’s me. I overthink my photo selection (I need to edit this one more! Should I do a theme like all of our Hilton Head vacations in the past decade? Or, those baby books I always wanted to make?) They never get printed. When I had the chance to do a Chatbooks review (thank you, Chatbooks!) for this blog, I decided I would not overthink it and print straight from Instagram.

This time, I actually ordered the books!! I just chose recent photos I’d uploaded to Instagram, chose a designer cover, and ordered one softcover and one hardcover in the 8×8 size. No overthinking, no need to edit.

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Chatbooks review

Chatbooks Review 

Chatbooks review – the app: Ya’ll, the app is AWESOME. I had two photobooks created in about 10 minutes using the app. You can edit the layout and the captions, but I let Chatbooks do its magic and create the books for me. Each product is ordered separately – which is genius, so you don’t feel the pressure to finish five books at once. Make one, order it, and move on to the next book, if you’d like. Or not, you can wait until later.

Chatbooks review – BOOKS: I absolutely love the bright designer cover options, which make them a fun coffee-table book. The binding quality is excellent, so they will last, and the paper is thick, durable, and has an excellent satin-y feel to it. I like both the hardcover and softcover, but the hardcover is a nicer option for keeping out in your living room. The printing quality is great – however, blowing up small instagram photos will make them grainy. The photos still looks great, but I’d recommend the 6×6 books for instagram or making a photo book from your higher res photos straight from your phone. 

Bonus: my kids were ecstatic to see their photos in a book 📚 

Chatbooks review – PRINTS: I also ordered prints – which are on pretty, thick cardstock squares, which are perfect for a family command center magnet board or your office!

Chatbooks options:

  • Sizes: 8 x 8 or 6 x 6
  • Covers: choose a designer cover (gorgeous options for every style) or choose one of your photos for the cover. Also, each designer has colors and designs that compliment each other, so ordering several and adding to your collection makes a stylish statement on your bookshelf or coffee table!
  • Photos: select your favorites from your camera roll, facebook or google photos
  • Other products: cards and square photos prints!
  • Prices start at $10, and extra pages and other options bring the price up – however, it’s easy to create a series of $10 books 

Tips & ideas to use:

  • Getting organized with photos with the intention of printing them is an excellent way to set up a Chatbooksubscription or order regularly: you can heart your favorites in the Apple Photos app, and set up a Chatbooks to automatically order a new book every 60 photos ( you have the chance to edit). That way, your favorites are already edited and selected by the time you want a new book.
  • If you are planning on printing from Instagram, think about your captions for that purpose – I did not edit mine, so the books all have hashtags and captions meant for Insta… so it looks kind of weird in print, but not so weird that I mind. (I have a friend who uses her Insta account specifically to order her Chatbooks!)
  • Print books for family & friends after holidays and trips.
  • Order prints for your office so you always have cute and RECENT photos (I know my office has ancient photos of my kids when they are babies. They are not babies anymore. It’s time for a refresh.)
  • Take pictures with the purpose of ordering books – if you have friends over, snap a few pictures of the kids playing. Those are the memories you’ll want to hold on to – and makes a perfect gift for your best friends! 

Here’s the Deal 

Thank you to Chatbooks for partnering with me on this post! Chatbooks gave me a credit to order books, and I can honestly say I’m hooked and will be creating more books with the Dabney Lee covers to compliment my other books. Maybe I’ll get around to making those baby books, finally?

Order your own Chatbooks for $10 off!

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