Murdaugh Murders Podcast

Not fiction: a wild South Carolina murder mystery story, which is still unfolding
Murdaugh murders podcast

Murdaugh headlines kept dashing across my screen. Someone on instagram recommended the Murdaugh Murders podcast. I love Beaufort and Hilton Head. Since this entire saga is happening in South Carolina, I binge-listened to the entire series.

Sidenote: podcasts have a way of telling a story that is more compelling than a video or an article.

This podcast is kind of raw and not professionally produced – and that has a certain charm. The journalist, Mandy Matney, addresses it in the podcast. People are MEAN on the internet. I can only guess the type of comments she’s received based on her comments on the podcast. In many ways, I think stories are more authentic when shared by real people. That’s why influencer marketing has exploded. She’s not a professional podcaster, they don’t own a big studio with sound techs and scriptwriters, and it has that report-as-she-goes type of feeling to it. I like it.

Plus, the story is WILLLLLD. And it’s still unfolding.

The various murders, all linked to one family, is crazy. So many unsolved a mysteries: a teenager drowns in a boating accident. Another man mysteriously dies on the side of a rural road. A housekeeper trips and falls, then lies in the hospital and dies weeks later… which involves an insurance claim. Then, news breaks on the son and wife double homicide (two different guns!) Finally, someone shoots the father. A few weeks later, the headlines reveal he hired the shooter to kill him. WHAT!? This is like Sons of Anarchy South Carolina – except it’s not fiction.

Each episode focuses on one of the murders and aspect of the investigation. If you want to catch up on the story quickly, listen to the Murdaugh Murders podcast. Then, the headlines will start to make a little bit of sense of this nonsense.

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