A smart start to your morning: Katie Couric’s Newsletter

Katie Couric’s Newsletter greets your morning inbox with the top news stories of the day

You want to be smart, and have at least a clue about what’s happening in the world. We all do. I’d love to read the Wall Street Journal, Apple News top articles, and watch local news every day… but I only have the time for a snapshot. A quick daily email newsletter is a great way to kickstart the morning with top headlines. However, there are SO MANY out there. Which one to read? I have subscribed to plenty of them, but I gravitate towards Katie Couric’s newsletter, Wake-Up Call. It’s become my #1 read with coffee.

Katie Couric’s new(ish) media company is brilliant – news on her terms, in her voice. Getting her daily newsletter “Wake Up Call” with the top news stories of the day is like a journalist friend sending you an email with what you need to know for the day in a conversational way. It’s not dry like most news newsletters and not cutesy-clever millennial like TheSkimm. 

I like the summary of news headlines with a brief and well-written recap, and a link if to read the entire article. The newsletter also mixes in other interesting content in addition to the daily news.

Here’s where you can sign up for Katie Couric’s newsletter: Wake-Up Call.

Hope you enjoy!

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